Western Living Magazine -
Residential Design Award

Best Small House (2007)
Molly's House

Wood Design & Building -
The Wood Design Awards

Citation Award (2006)
Joe's House


Western Living Magazine -
Residential Design Awards
Best Medium House (2002)
Western Canada
Chan Residence

Residential Design Awards
Best Small House (2002)
Western Canada
West Coast Retreat

Canadian Wood Council -
Merit Award

Residential Category (1998)
Chilton Greene Residence

Canadian Wood Council -
Merit Award

Residential Category (1996)
Mowgli Island Retreat

Canadian Wood Council -
Merit Award

Residential Category (1990)

Interior Designer's Institute
of British Columbia

Award of Excellence (1989)
Pasley Island Retreat

Interior Designer's Institute
of British Columbia

Award of Excellence (1989)
Kerr Residence



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More inspiration for the Classic American Getaway.

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Small House
s in Nature
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The Journal of the AIBC

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"The Retreat"
The Wood Design Awards 2006
Canadian Wood Council

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"Simple is Hard"
Western Living Magazine

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Western Interiors and Design

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Canadian Interiors
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Western Living Magazine

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Garage: Reinventing
The Place We Park

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Pacific Coastal Inflight Magazine

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Journeys And Discoveries Along B.C.'s Shores

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BC Business Magazine

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"Spring Preening"

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Canadian Select Homes

Robertson Residence, g. 50-53
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The House On The Trestle
Fine Homebuilding

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pg 12-16
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Country Home

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Who's Who In Vancouver Design
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Canadian Timber Constructions:
Our House Internation
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2x4 Maga
zine, No. 81
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Wood Le Bois


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Rocky Retreat
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